Problems Opening E-Liquid Bottles

Having problems opening your E-Liquid bottle?

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Just like a jar of jam, E-Liquid bottles can sometimes be difficult to open. In this article, we will try to cover a few helpful tips to get your bottle open.

Ensure you push down as you turn the cap

E-Liquid bottle caps consists of 2 parts: an outer cap part and an inner part. 

The outer cap is the part that you twist; this cap has "teeth" on the inside at the top, which will lock into the inner part of cap when you push down and twist it. If you don't push the cap down as you turn it, the outer cap will just spin freely. 

If you're having problems opening your E-Liquid bottle, make sure that you're pushing down hard on the cap as you twist it.

Cap Stuck on More Snugly Than Usual

This can be a result of the bottle cap being fitted a bit snugger during manufacturing, or the weather conditions during transport have made the cap a bit harder to open. 

Sometimes rinsing the bottle under some warm tap water can loosen it up—just remember to push down hard on the top of the cap as you turn it after warming it up under the tap.

Ask Your Strongest Family/Household Member for Help

Sometimes it's not worth trying to be a hero. If you're struggling to open your bottle, it might be worth asking your strongest family or household member for help. 

Just remember to tell them that it's a childproof cap and that they have to push down on the cap as they turn it. 

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